Garage Conversions Worcestershire

We offer a complete garage conversion service

A standard single garage is usually 5m x 2.4m which is a lot of redundant space that can be converted into useful living space for your family. Use the space to extend your kitchen, create a utility room, bedroom, playroom, or home office.

We always pay the utmost attention to each customer’s individual needs resulting in a beautiful garage conversion and a completely satisfied customer.

We are proud to say that a lot of our work comes from recommendations from previous customers in Worcestershire. Our commitment to customer care and satisfaction is second to none.

garage conversions worcestershire

Planning permission & building control

We will take care of all planning and building control paperwork including the plans that may be required to convert your garage into a habitable room.

The vast majority of garage conversions do not require planning permission and can be carried out under notice to your local building control.

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Design and layout

We will give you some ideas about the design, layout, and materials used in your garage conversion. We encourage you to look at social media, websites and magazines to get ideas and speed up the planning process.

garage conversion electrical installation

Electrical certification

You will receive an electrical installation certificate to cover the work carried out inside the garage conversion. The work will be carried out by a qualified electrician and submitted to building control. A full quote will be provided if additional work is required before the conversion starts.

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Gas & plumbing

If work is required to alter the gas pipework or boiler position a fully qualified gas installation engineer will be used. All pipework will be hidden where possible.

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Carpentry & brickwork

The conversion including all carpentry, insulation and brickwork will be carried out by experienced tradesman with the knowledge and experience required to complete the work to the highest standard. We use a private building control inspector who will visit the property to advise and sign off the building work.

Our complete garage conversion design and build package includes.

  • Free survey, client consultation and feasibility study
  • Design, planning, and drawings
  • Building regulations and planning permission
  • Carpentry and structural improvements
  • Windows and flooring supply and installation
  • Insulation, heating, plumbing and electrical installation
  • Plastering, painting and decorating

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FAQ garage conversions Worcestershire

How much does a garage conversion cost in the UK per square metre?

A garage conversion will cost approximately £900 per square metre. The two main areas that may increase the cost of a garage conversion are the floor and the roof. Adding a new insulated warm roof with a rubber membrane will increase the cost to £1200 per square metre. Insulating the existing floor may be required and could increase the cost to £1400 per square metre. To estimate the cost of a single garage conversion in the UK which includes a new insulated roof and floor I use this formula. length x width x £1400.

5 metres (length) x 2.5 metres (width) £1400 = £17500

Does converting a garage come under permitted development rules in England?

Generally yes a garage conversion is possible under permitted development rules in England. To save yourself a lot of time and worry contact your local planning department directly. They will ask for your address and give you a definitive answer to your question.

Will a garage conversion add value to my existing property?

Yes converting a garage into a bedroom will probably increase the value of your property considerably. Internal garages that are used to enlarge the kitchen or add a utility room will also probably increase the value. I always recommend that you have the property professionally valued, and ask a few local estate agents for their advice first. You can’t beat the advice from a local estate agent.

How will you access the property I am worried about the mess?

We will have good access through the front of the garage for the majority of the work. A temporary garage door may be installed to allow tradesmen to access the project. The window at the front of the garage can be added at a late stage in the project to allow all tradesmen easy access.

How many people will be involved in the project?

Two people will be able to carry out the majority of the work. Specialist tradesmen will also be involved at some point.

How much experience do you have working in houses?

I have over thirty years of experience as a qualified electrician working purely in domestic properties. I have been involved in kitchen installations, bathroom installations, garage conversions, loft conversions, extensions and new build projects. I now project manage conversions or recommend a specialist.

How long will it take to convert a single garage into a playroom?

Every garage conversion is different. To convert a single garage into playroom will take approximately three weeks.

Do you only do garage conversions in Worcestershire or will you travel?

The tradesmen that we use live in the Worcestershire area so I only look at garages to convert in the local area.

Can you recommend a builder to carry out structural alterations to extend my garage?

I will recommend a structural engineer who will visit the property before the garage conversion process starts. The structural engineer may recommend a qualified builder.

I am worried I will not have enough headroom after the garage has been converted?

This is one of the most important aspects of converting a garage. The floor level may have to be raised, and the ceiling level may reduce due to the amount of insulation required. There are a few different solutions that we can discuss, including using a warm roof.