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consumer unit replacement worcester

Fuseboard & MCB consumer unit replacement 

All new consumer units installed after 1st January 2016 will need to meet the 18th edition regulations. R.A.Barley electrical services offer consumer unit replacement in Worcester. Before we can start work, a visual inspection of your electrical installation will need to be carried out.

It is very important that the earthing (from consumer unit to the main earth terminal) and bonding (earth wire from the consumer unit to the pipework near the stop taps) in your property are updated to meet the current relations before work can start. The visual inspection will take about thirty minutes to complete and will also include a written quotation outlining the work required before the consumer unit can be replaced.

If you have a plastic consumer unit and you see any evidence of burning or melting please isolate the supply using the main switch and call an emergency electrician

1st January 2015: BS7671:2008+3rd Amendment was published. (Installations designed after this date may comply and be certified to these new standards or be designed and certified to BS7671:2008+2nd Amendment (for a maximum transitional period of 6 months)

1st July 2015: BS7671:2008+2nd Amendment (Installations designed after this date must comply fully with BS7671:2008+3rd Amendment)

1st January 2016: Regulation 421.1.201 comes into full effect (Plastic consumer units will be replaced with metal consumer units)

Crabtree and MK consumer units

Choosing the right consumer unit manufacturer for each installation is very important. We use Crabtree, Mk or Wylex consumer units because they have been established for many years and replacement breakers and RCD units are available at the majority of electrical wholesalers. We also offer a FREE three year warranty covering all parts and labour.

How long will it take to replace ?

Most consumer unit replacements will take one day. If additional earthing and main bonding are required to connect the gas and water to the main earthing terminal then allow two days. The electricity supply will need to be isolated first. It is advised your electricity supplier is contacted first as the main fuse will need to be removed.

Consumer unit replacement Worcester only ? Will you travel to Droitwich, Pershore or Malvern ?

Yes we will travel throughout Worcestershire for consumer unit replacements. For call out services for small repairs we are only travelling as far as Worcester and the surrounding villages at the moment. Please complete the contact form with your home address and size of property and we can give you an estimate by email. If you would like a fixed quote we will need access to your property to check the main earthing and bonding available.

How much will it cost to replace a consumer unit in a three bedroom detached house ?

Estimate for a three bedroom detached house

  • Crabtree metal consumer unit including one main switch, ten RCBO breakers and SPD
  • Install and supply Part P certificate / Electrical Installation Certificate
  • FREE visual inspection of the electrical installation
  • All materials and labour required to complete the work
  • Three years – Parts and labour warranty

£1000 (subject to site visit and survey)

Why are plastic consumer units being replaced with metal consumer units?

The statistics show that fires that start in Plastic consumer units spread quickly. A metal consumer will help contain the fire for longer and hopefully it will not spread. Fires start in consumer units because of poor connections. All connections need to be tight and a torque screwdriver is recommended.

17th edition amendment 3 consumer unit

I had an electrician out to quote on the electrics for a new garage conversion and extension and he said I need a new metal consumer unit, is this right?

When you are undertaking significant changes like a garage conversion or extension most electricians will advise that you upgrade your consumer unit. The main consideration is whether the existing consumer unit has RCD protection on all the circuits and has enough capacity for the alterations to the property. I would advise that you get a second opinion.

I have got a plastic consumer unit and I want to sell my house, do I need to have it changed?

There are more considerations than just the material the consumer unit is made from. I would advise that you talk to your solicitor before you make any changes to your property. He may advise that you have an Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out before you go any further.

I would like to have a new security lighting circuit added to my existing plastic consumer unit, do i need to replace the consumer unit with a metal one?

Your new security lighting circuit would need RCD protection, it may be possible to add an RCBO into your existing plastic board. As long as your current consumer unit is in good condition it may not need replacing.