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energy efficient lighting installation

LED recessed spot lights

R.A.Barley Electrical Services offer LED lighting installation and lighting scheme design in Worcestershire. LED lighting has now become the most popular choice when thinking about energy efficiency in the home and garden. Halogen 12 volt and 240 volt lighting would burn 50 w per light fitting, LED uses 5 w per light fitting. This soon adds up when you are installing lighting in a kitchen that may need ten light fittings ot more. Kitchens need good practical lighting that does not cost a fortune to run.The price of good quality LED light fittings has also reduced over the past few years, and has made it very affordable as alternative to halogen lighting.

If you see any evidence of burning or melting please isolate the supply using the main switch and call an emergency electrician

LED lighting installation service in Worcestershire

If you are extending your home, renovating an existing room or building a new ECO house we can install a complete LED energy efficient lighting system. To get started we will need to carry out an on site survey and minor electrical condition report to assess the standard of your existing electrical installation. When we visit we will sketch a lighting design and estimate the cost of installation and running costs after installation. For an estimate please complete the contact form including the dimensions of the rooms you would like us to install in.

Lighting scheme design

Lighting needs to be bright enough to illuminate work surfaces effectively and add an atmosphere to a room. We have been designing lighting schemes for many years and enjoy the process of designing then completing the installation of the project. If you need ideas please feel free to get in touch.

LED security lighting systems

Outdoor lighting can consume more electricity than you imagine. Replacing your existing outdoor lighting with LED security lighting will make a real difference to you electricity bill (500 w halogen can be replaced with 20w LED and give a similar light output). Combining LED with passive in fared sensors can give you a great combination of security and energy efficiency.

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