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shower installation worcester

Replace your existing shower

Replacement showers or complete shower installations. R.A.Barley Electrical Services have been installing showers for thirty years and can offer a reliable clean and tidy shower installation service in Worcester. If your existing shower is weak and runs cooler than you think it should it is probably time to replace it with a Triton or Mira shower.

If you have a plastic consumer unit and you see any evidence of burning or melting please isolate the supply using the main switch and call an emergency electrician

An initial site visit is necessary to make sure an RCD (Residual Current Device) is installed in your consumer unit and the main earthing and bonding are installed to meet current BS7671 regulations. A shower is the largest single load in most properties. An 8.5 Kw shower needs a large cable to supply it. If you need a 9.5 or 10.5 kw shower ten millimetre square cable will need to be installed. Only use the estimates below as a guide as every installation is unique.

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Install a replacement Triton shower including labour and materials

  • Triton Shower
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical connection and testing

£450 (subject to site visit to inspect the earthing, main bonding and RCD)

Install a new Triton shower including RCD shower unit, ten millimetre cable (10 metres) shower pull switch and plumbing.

£1000 (subject to site visit to inspect earthing, main bonding and RCD)

Shower installation Worcester ? Will you travel to Droitwich ?

Yes we are happy to come out to Droitwich to install a new shower. If you live in any of the small villages or towns surrounding Worcester please contact us for an estimate first by using the contact form provided.

A friend told me I need an RCD unit installed before I can install a shower. Is this true ?

Yes you will need an RCD unit installed to protect the shower circuit. If your existing consumer unit does not have one installed it may be possible to add a shower unit from your existing supply. I am happy to come out and have a look.

Will I need a plumber to install the pipework if I have a new shower installed or can you do it ?

If it is a replacement shower unit then I advise installing the same make and model as the existing shower again (if it is still available. Triton T80 has been around a while). In this case the plumbing will be carried out by the electrician replacing the shower. If it is a new shower installation requiring a new shower circuit and pipework I use a qualified plumber. This will be included in the quote provided.

Why does the work have to be submitted to building control ?

If a new circuit is installed from the consumer unit to the shower then building control need to be informed. This is not a problem as we organise this for you. Part P of the building regulations allows maintenance of an existing shower installation. If you have a quote from any other company make sure you are getting all the documentation you need, or it may become a problem when you sell your house.